I am God

Seas have parted, great walls have sunken! Before the submarine was invented, I conveyed my servant Jonah in the belly of a fish.

The First Time

I was told I could have hypothyroidism, oh no, probably endometritis or no wait, the scans said multiple uterine fibroids and my pregnancy test all came back negative but she was in there some


My heart was heavy, my chest was burning, my eyes were red, my vision was blurry, my head was banging and my knees were weak. She held me, she hugged me, she said it was okay!

Who’s Boss Now?

I had him exactly where I wanted him… tamed!
Pants down, arms stretched out on the couch, his head thrown back in tired amazement! He’s been blown beyond redemption, no one, nothing could save him now!

Michael’s War

As the words were spoken he felt a change in the ozone, the Father was about to speak. When the bolt of lightning hit the top of the chapel


My ravenous urge to catch a glimpse of her cleavage - it's heavy I know, it weighs probably more than chains can hold, I ponder how they cling to her body as she leans back to take off her blouse...

Before I Wake

In the shade of the unknownGrows a tree of doubtRight outside our houseOn fantasy Island, in the bay of dreamsDaddy pays it no mindMommy walks past it every TuesdayHer favorite route Each night it comes out to playShaking it leaves, dancing to inaudible tonesOur neighbors are asleep tooThey are not born of the nights call …